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Walking with Jesus:

90 Devotionals on the Life of Christ



David A. Glock

978-1-59387-146-8 Hardcover


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Whether in the classroom at Emmaus Bible College or behind a pulpit, David Glock has a proven ability to teach Scripture and make it practical. Walking with Jesus: 90 Devotionals on the Life of Christ is the result of over forty years of his teaching on the life of our Savior.


Follow this 90-day journey as Dave takes us from the announcement of Christ’s birth, through His life, to His death and resurrection, and finally, to His bodily ascension into heaven. Dave’s unique writing style is as refreshingly real and warm as are his classroom lectures. This book will help you ponder anew the life of Christ.



David Glock is a graduate of Emmaus Bible School, Philadelphia College of Bible, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has taught at Emmaus Bible College since 1968 and was Dean of Education for most of that period. David currently serves as an elder emeritus at Asbury Community Chapel in Dubuque, Iowa. He has four children (all of whom serve in assembly ministries), fourteen grandchildren, and one great grandchild.


Here's What People Are Saying!


“David Glock has been teaching “Life of Christ” for four decades at Emmaus Bible College. It is regarded by his students and colleagues as a classic—and for good reason. He brings to his lectures a love of the Bible and a love for Jesus Christ. We’ve waited for this book for a long time, and its expositional skill, doctrinal depth, and devotional richness have made the wait worthwhile.”

–Dr. David J. MacLeod,
Dean for Biblical Studies,
Emmaus Bible College

Walking with Jesus gives us in written form the insight that has been gained in forty-three years of Bible study and classroom experience. In clear and plain language, we have here an excellent historical overview of the life of Christ which is both theologically profound and devotionally challenging.”

Dr. Jack H. Fish,
Bible and Biblical
Emmaus Bible College


"Thank you Dave for your great work! Your teaching has impacted my life and my children's lives. God Bless you brother!"

Cook Station, MO

Todd Carter,

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